Promo Retail Programs

Harvest Hobgoblin


Most would believe that with a product line as delicious and diverse as ours, we wouldn’t need to dress it up to get the customer’s attention. And while we humbly agree, we also know that consumers like to have fun…and so do we! Which is why we’ve developed a series of seasonally coinciding Merchandising Programs for our retail partners — Harvest Hobgoblin, Pretty Lady for the Holidays, and our recently introduced Pretty Lady for the Summer. Plus, there’s our Pretty Lady program that’s available year round, featuring many of the Point-of-sale materials found in the other programs. While first developed as recently as 2010, in no time at all they’ve become the biggest thing to hit the produce aisles in years. Retailers love ‘em, and customers want ‘em, so it’s a win/win for all!