Pretty Lady Grapes California’s # 1 Brand will be back in your local stores in July 2014; look for them then!
Pretty Lady Grapes
Summer Pretty Lady Summer is over and the swim gear is put away. Look for the Summer Lady again in July and August 2014.
Summer Pretty Lady
Harvest Hobgoblin Grapes The Harvest Hobgoblin is back in his Goblin Hut and will return this fall to provide you with more of his excellent tasting grapes.
Harvest Hobgoblin Grapes
Pretty Lady for the Holidays The Pretty Lady and all the vineyard elves are busy packing up some beautiful sweet and crunchy grapes for your holiday enjoyment!
Pretty Lady for the Holidays

About Us

Jakov P. Dulcich & Sons, combined with Sunlight International, is a progressive grower, packer and shipper of Premium California Table Grapes that continually looks for new and innovative ways to market California Table grapes and is constantly researching new varieties.

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In the late 1950’s, while everyone else was rockin’ and rollin’, Jakov P. Dulcich and his wife Antoinette were rolling up their sleeves, ready to work hard in America. After emigrating from Croatia to Delano, CA in 1960, Jakov worked for his uncle, Prosper Dulcich.

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Retail Labels

Most would believe that with a product line as delicious and diverse as ours, we wouldn’t need to dress it up to get the customer’s attention. And while we humbly agree, we also know that consumers like to have fun…and so do we!

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